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Attorney General Eric Holder and Governor Bobby Jindal

I’ve watched many people in politics attempt to correct and scold other people in politics for misstatements like this for years. To very little effect. Like rubber duckies, the same “misunderstandings” continue to pop back up. Just being right isn’t ever enough. Move along. Nothing to see here. Continue reading

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10 Questions I Want To Ask Condoleeza Rice

Political scientist, diplomat, academic, and accomplished cellist Dr. Condoleezza Rice is an amazing woman who has been a powerful force in foreign policy and academia for decades. I’ve admired her rise to National Security Advisor then Secretary of State.  I … Continue reading

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Lupita Continue reading

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Why do older movies from the 1930s to 1940s like The 39 Steps and The Maltese Falcon tend to be around 1.5 hours, and modern-day films li…

Answer by Mildred Lewis: As cinema ages as an art form, it is facing formidable challenges from video games and television, particularly quality television, e.g., Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Wire. How do movies compete? By … Continue reading

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