Rest In Peace

(from Betty Pleasant at The Wave)

Notable African American and African Passings, 2013

JAMES AVERY, 68; actor, Dec. 31

EUGENE PATTERSON, 89; civil rights leader; Jan. 12

ROBERT CHEW, 52; actor who played Prop Joe on TV’s ‘The Wire’; Jan. 15

JAMES HOOD, 70; integrated University of Alabama student body; Jan. 17

LEROY ‘SUGARFOOT’ BONNER, 69; ‘Ohio Players’ singer Jan. 26

ANN RABSON, 67; pianist/singer; Jan. 30

DONALD BYRD, 80; influential jazz trumpeter; Feb. 4

TIMOTHY BLAIR, 46; rapper ‘Tim Dog’; Feb. 14

OTIS ‘DAMON’ HARRIS, 62; lead singer for ‘Temptations’; Feb. 18

LOU MYERS, 77; stage, film and TV actor; Feb. 19

KENNY CHERRY, 27; rapper ‘Kenny Clutch’; Feb. 21

CLEOTHA STAPLES, 78; eldest of the ‘Staples Singers’; Feb. 21

BOBBY ROGERS, 73; founding member of ‘The Miracles’; March 8

BOB TEAGUE, 84; One of New York’s first Black TV journalists; March 28

BOBBIE SMITH, 76; lead singer for ‘The Spinners’; March 14

LEO BRANTON JR., 91; famed civil rights attorney; April 19

LYNNE DUKE, 57; national/international journalist/author; April 19

RICHIE HAVENS, 72; folk singer who opened Woodstock; April 22

JAMES L. TOLBERT, 86; pioneer Black Hollywood showbiz attorney; April 22

CHRIS KELLY, 34; half of ‘Kris Kross’ rap duo; May 1

CEDRIC BROOKS, 70; renowned reggae musician; May 3

CHUCK MUNCIE, 60; former NFL running back; May 14

FLYNN ROBINSON, 72; former L.A. Laker; May 23

CLARENCE BURKE JR., 64; ‘Five Stairsteps’ lead singer; May 26

TEXAS’ JOHNNY BROWN, 85; blues musician/song writer; June 2

DAVID ‘DEACON’ JONES, 74; Hall of Fame defensive end; June 3

BOBBY ‘BLUE’ BLAND, 83; iconic blues singer; June 23

JIM KELLY, 67; martial arts actor; June 29

WILLIAM H. GRAY III, 71; congressman and political giant; July 1

ZELMA STENNIS, 90; Golden Bird restauranteur; July 2

SIMMIE HILL, 66; Midland basketball legend; July 14

JAMES ‘T-MODEL’ FORD, 93; Mississippi blues legend; July 16

WILLIE LOUIS (AKA Willie Reed) 76; key witness in Emmett Till murder trial; July 18

CARLINE RAY, 88; pioneering jazz musician; July 18

GIGI HINES, 76; blues singer/songwriter; July 22

ALI MAOW MAALIN, 59; world’s last smallpox survivor; July 22

EMILE GRIFFITH, 75; world champion boxer; July 23

STEVE BERRIOS, 68; Afro-Cuban jazz drummer; July 25

LOIS DeBERRY, 68; Tennessee legislator; one of longest serving women lawmakers in the nation; July 28 

DRUNGO HAZEWOOD, 53; Orioles’ player who never got a hit; July 28

GEORGE SCOTT, 69; Red Sox three-time all-star slugger; July 29

JULIUS CHAMBERS, 76; southern civil rights attorney; won eight U.S. Supreme Court cases; Aug. 2

GEORGE DUKE, 67; jazz keyboard legend; Aug. 5

SEAN SASSER, 44; ‘Real World’ MTV star; Aug. 7

LOIS HILL HALE, 78; journalist/political aide; Aug. 8

ALBERT MURRAY, 97; novelist/critic/essayist; Aug. 16

CEDAR WALTON, 79; jazz pianist/composer; Aug. 19

LEE THOMPSON YOUNG, 29; Disney TV star; Aug. 19

LeFRANCE ARNOLD, 60; prominent L.A. realtor; Sept. 3

ALLAN ELLIS, 62; former Bears’ Pro Bowl cornerback; Sept. 18

CECIL FERGERSON, 82; L.A. Black arts curator/advocate; Sept. 18

KEN NORTON SR., 70; former heavyweight boxing champ; Sept. 18

MICHAEL MOSES WARD, 41; at age 13, he was the only child to survive the 1985 police bombing of the black militant MOVE group’s compound in Philadelphia; Sept. 20

L.C. GREENWOOD, 67; Ex-Steelers’ star defensive end; Sept. 29

GLORIA LYNNE, 83; jazz singer; Oct. 8

MAXINE POWELL, 98; ran Motown’s in-house ‘charm school’; Oct. 14

EMILY MASON WARE, 97; Watts area activist; Oct. 25

FRANK WESS, 91; jazz saxophonist; Oct. 30

WALT BELLAMY, 74; all-star basketball player; Nov. 2

RON DUNGEE, 75; journalist/radio broadcaster; Nov. 4

REV. T.J. JEMISON, 95; civil rights leader; led pivotal Montgomery, Ala. bus boycott; Nov. 15         

WANDA COLEMAN, 67; L.A.’s unofficial poet laureate; Nov. 22

DELBERT TIBBS, 74; cause celébre exonerated prison inmate; Nov. 23

CHICO HAMILTON, 92; stellar L.A.-born  jazz drummer; Nov. 26

WILLIAM L. BOOKER, 90; one of the last of the original Tuskegee Airmen; Nov. 30 

TABU LEY ROCHEREAU, 73; international Afro-pop music star; Nov. 30

MARGUERITE POINDEXTER LaMOTTE, 80; Los Angeles school board member; Dec. 5

NELSON MANDELA, 95; iconic apartheid fighter and first Black president of South Africa; Dec. 5

DON MITCHELL, 70; TV’s ‘Ironside’ actor; Dec. 8

RICHARD DEDEAUX, 73; member of ‘Watts Prophets’ spoken word group; Dec. 10

It should be noted that MARSHALL L. “ANDY” ANDERSON, the deputy LAPD chief who broke ranks with then-Chief Daryl Gates and all the other commanders over the killing of Eulia Love in 1979, died Dec. 14 at age 85. 



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