Happy Kwanzaa!


A note of appreciation to Dr. Maulena Karenga for creating Kwanzaa.  In a world that turns everything into a celebration of materialism, it’s nice to have holiday that just doesn’t lend itself to that.

If we, and I do mean all of us’es but especially African Americans, would even half way practice the Nguzo Saba principles (in English and Kiswahili), things would be a whole lot better:


Unity                                                                                         …                         Umoja

Self Determination                                                         …                        Kujichagulia

Collective Work and  Responsibility                 …                        Ujima

Cooperative Economics                                                …                        Ujamaa

Purpose                                                                                    …                        Nia

Creativity                                                                               …                        Kuumba

Faith                                                                                          …                         Imani


And a shout out to Google for recognizing.


About liftingasweclimb

Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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