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Things I Like — Pranidhi Varshney, Artist, Yogini

Pranidhi Varshney’s album, Pranidhana. was released a month ago but with the advent of fall I thought it deserved another boost. This music isn’t just for people who are into yoga. These mantras will touch you much more than generic relaxation music. If you let them, they will lift your spirits. What could be more essential for these challenging times? Continue reading

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Things I Like — Joy

I love stories with happy endings. Joe Ruggeri, a wonderful filmmaking talent and business head, has just finished Joy through Red Love Films.¬†Five years in the making, it demonstrates the focus and perseverance it takes to get something onto a … Continue reading

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“I Just F****d Kim So Hard”

Have you railed against the Kardashians’ undeserved celebrity. If so, you might be harboring some secret joy at Kanye West’s recent and recently deleted tweet. Shame on you. Continue reading

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“It’s Easier To Be Right All of the Time Than Some of the Time”

Remember the old phrase, you have to show them who’s boss? You do. Continue reading

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Sex and The City, Bridesmaids, Hunger Games, and the Breakthrough Dilemma

When will women and people of color achieve parity in front of and behind the camera? Not when a break out film featuring women breaks box office records. Not when there are more women directors. Not when they are more women cinematographers, investors, financiers, post production supervisors or screenwriters. All of the above. Continue reading

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Oh No He Didn’t

I’m interested in a pastor as a pastor. Bring back returned phone calls, hospital visits and coffee cake, teaching and fellowship and authenticity. If I want to read RNC talking points or DNC talking points for that matter, I’ll do that outside of church. Continue reading

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Journalism Fail

Years, perhaps decades, of people screaming about the liberal media and media elites along with the defunding of traditional journalism has taken an enormous toll. Because entertainment and tabloid journalism are cheap and popular, they have displaced serious news. This, in turn, has bred a culture of naivete, ignorance and divisiveness. Continue reading

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