Jeff Gomez on Transmedia

Jeff Gomez on transmedia:


To do good transmedia you have to have an enormous sense of story: how it works, how it can be conveyed through various media platforms, and how the essence of the storyteller’s meaning must be preserved at all costs. If you look at story and immediately begin to assert how you would tell it differently, this may not be the field for you.

Transmedia producers help studios and visionaries vastly widen the scope of the narrative, giving them a much larger and more thrilling canvas upon which to express themselves. You have to be able to lead them there and show them what’s possible, so that means you have to understand the nature of these media platforms and be able to talk with the artists and technicians who build for them. Right now, all of these people are so used to acting on their own and being separated from other silos, divisions, companies, that they will act suspiciously toward so-called transmedia producers (the “great unifiers”). So you also have to be patient, diplomatic and willing to go the extra distance to prove the efficacy of the technique.

Of course, it also helps to keep mental track of the progress of millions of bits of information, both real and imaginary, but good producers do that anyway.

This is an incredible time to move into the transmedia space. You can still absorb nearly everything that has been written or expressed about the subject and become something of an expert yourself. But that window is closing rapidly. I would suggest studying everything about it, joining the community of practitioners and theorists on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, keying into the best blogs and forming your own opinions about it. For me, the Producers Guild of America has been the single greatest organized support system behind the technique, so if you’re a member, you’ve started in the right place.


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