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How Deep Is Your Love? President Obama, Get it Together and Recognize Your True Friends

But if President Obama wants to win, he’d better recognize the difference between friends for a minute like Matt Damon and spend a lot more time with folks like George Clooney. Continue reading

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Love.Stop.Story Progress

I’m very excited for the first act break of my new play Love.Stop.Story where the actors, portraying recently freed slaves will search for their loved ones after the end of the Civil War. The second act will begin with them reunited. Continue reading

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Things I Like — 10 Things I Want to Say To A Black Woman – Joshua Barnett

In these fractious times where lack and narcissism, polarization and a refusal to extend each other grace rule, Barnett’s words are a balm and an inspiration. Continue reading

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Tupac, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg – Creativity Redux

What does it mean to be creative in the digital age? The proposed tour of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and a Tupac Shakur hologram certainly begs the question. Continue reading

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The Writer’s Voice

After watching the CTG production of Waiting for Godot (pretty darn good) and The Edge of Heaven (2007), I’m struck by how the intelligence behind the words is always present. Becoming a better artist certainly doesn’t make you a better human being but it has to mean that you understand the world more clearly, and I would argue, can communicate it more simply and richly. Continue reading

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Act II

The worse thing about writing a terrific first act  – in this case, my new full length play,  Love.Stop.Story – is trying to top yourself in the second act. The play seeks to explain why it’s sometimes difficult for black … Continue reading

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Voting has nothing to do with getting hyped. It has to do with our quality of life or lack, thereof. Continue reading

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