The Super Bowl

Airline Crews Training to 'Ground' Sex Traffickers Heading to Super Bowl


It isn’t true that the Super Bowl is the worst day in the year for domestic violence in the U.S.  Domestic violence does happen.  What is truly staggering is the amount of sex trafficking that surrounds this event.  I never realized that it reached down to children.

Bravo to the Airline Ambassadors for not looking the other way, staying silent or doing nothing. Throw them some $$$ to help stop domestic minor sex trafficking at the Super Bowl @

Airline Ambassadors provides humanitarian aid to children and families in need as well as relief and development to under-privileged communities worldwide. We escort children in need, hand-deliver humanitarian aid to orphanages, clinics, and remote communities, raise public awareness and involve youth in humanitarian efforts around the world.


h/t Linda Jones


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Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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