Gone and We Must Remember, Notable African Americans Who Died in 2010

from Betty Pleasant’s Soulvine column (WAVE Newspapers)

The following are the local and national notable African-Americans who died this year. May they rest and peace, and may their achievements and accomplishments live on.

PAUL BRYANT, jazz musician; Dec. 4, 2009
J.C. GIPSON, Harlem Globetrotter, Jefferson High School grad; Dec. 30, 2009
JOSEPH M. WILCOTS, pioneer cinematographer, shot “Roots”; Dec. 30, 2009
BILL POWELL, first Black to build, own and operate a golf course; Dec. 31, 2009

EUNICE W. JOHNSON, widow of Johnson Publishing Co. founder, created Ebony Fashion Fair; Jan. 3
WILLIE MITCHELL, trumpeter/record producer; Jan. 5
TEDDY PENDERGRASS, R&B singer; Jan. 13
ED THIGPEN, jazz drummer; Jan. 13
GAINES ADAMS, football player; Jan. 17
PAUL R. JONES, collector of African American art; Jan. 26
LT. COL (RET) LEE A. ARCHER, Tuskegee Airman, first Black ace pilot; Jan. 27
SAMUEL DRAKE, baseball player; Jan. 27

LUCILLE CLIFTON, poet; Feb. 13
JIM BIBBY, baseball pitcher; Feb. 16

RON BANKS, “Dramatics” singer; March 4
WILLIE DAVIS, Dodgers outfielder; March 9
WAYNE COLLETT, silver medal Olympian sprinter; March 17
FRANKLIN D. BURGESS, U.S. District Judge/former basketball star; March 23
REV. ELLIOTT MASON SR., Trinity Baptist Church pastor; March 23
MARVA WRIGHT, blues singer; March 23
CHARLES E. LLOYD, attorney; March 30
EUGENE ALLEN, White House butler to seven presidents; March 31

CAROLYN M. ROGERS, poet; April 2
WILLIAM B. ELLIS, Tuskegee Airman, co-founded L.A. Chapter; April 3
GRACIELA PEREZ GRILLO, Afro-Cuban singer; April 6
REV. T.M. CHAMBERS JR., New Greater Harvest Baptist Church pastor; April 12
BENJAMIN HOOKS, civil rights leader, NAACP president; April 15
KEITH ELAM “GURU,” rapper; April 19
DOROTHY HEIGHT, civil rights leader, NCNW president; April 20

ROBERT SCOTT, Jazz at Drew co-founder; May 3
PAUL H. DEVAN SR., community services director; May 5
WILLIAM “BILL” ELKINS JR., assistant to Mayor Bradley; May 5
FRANCISCO AGUABELLA, Afro-Cuban percussionist; May 7
LENA HORNE, singer/actress; May 9
REV. EARL GREEN, First AME Church assistant pastor; May 10
HANK JONES, jazz pianist/composer; May 16
GARY COLEMAN, actor; May 28
FRANK W. TERRY, political/community activist; May 29
ALI-OLLIE WOODSON, “Temptations” singer; May 30

CAFFIE GREENE, community activist; June 2
MARVIN ISLEY, “Isley Brothers” musician; June 6
DAVID LEWIS, social activist; June 9
GARRY SHIDER, “Parliament Funkadelic” guitarist; June 16
HANNAH DIGGS ATKINS, Oklahoma’s first black legislator; June 17
MANUTE BOL, Sudanese NBA player; June 19
FRED ANDERSON, saxophonist; June 24
BENNY POWELL, trombonist; June 26

ISRAEL HICKS, theater director; July 3
HARVEY FUQUA, singer/songwriter/record exec; July 6
DAVID BLACKWELL, mathematician/UC Berkeley’s first black tenured professor; July 8
VONETTA McGEE, actress; July 9
SUGAR MINOTT, reggae singer; July 10
WALTER HAWKINS, gospel singer; July 11
DENISE JEFFERSON, Ailey Dance School director; July 17
MAC FOSTER, boxer; July 19
CARL GORDON, actor; July 20
PHILIP WALKER, blues guitarist/singer; July 22
AL GOODMAN, R&B singer; July 26
JACK TATUM, football player; July 27
LORENZEN WRIGHT, NBA player; July 28
DWIGHT RADCLIFFE, veterans advocate; July 31

BOBBY HEBB, songwriter/musician; Aug. 3
PHELPS ‘CATFISH’ COLLINS, R&B guitarist; Aug. 6
ABBEY LINCOLN, singer/actress, civil rights champion; Aug. 14
ROBERT WILSON, “Gap Band” bassist; Aug. 15
HAROLD DOW, decorated CBS newsman; Aug. 21
WILLIAM P. FOSTER, Florida A&M Marching Band founder; Aug. 29

LEROY BEAVERS JR., insurance exec; Sept. 1
JEFFERSON THOMAS, one of “Little Rock Nine;” Sept. 5
LUCIUS WALKER, humanitarian; Sept. 7
RONALD WALTERS, professor/scholar/political analyst; Sept. 10
VARNETTE HONEYWOOD, artist; Sept. 12
DON LEE WHITE, church musicologist/choir director; Sept. 16
BUDDY COLLETTE, jazz musician/educator/activist; Sept. 19
KENNY McKINLEY, Denver Broncos wide receiver; Sept. 20
RICHARD ‘DICK’ GRIFFEY, R&B record exec; Sept. 24

ALBERTINA WALKER, gospel singer; Oct. 8
SOLOMON BURKE, soul singer/songwriter; Oct. 10
JANET MacLACHLAN, actress; Oct. 11
GENERAL NORMAN JOHNSON, soul singer/songwriter; Oct. 13
DR. MILDRED JEFFERSON, first Black woman to graduate Harvard Medical School; Oct. 15
GREGORY ISAACS, reggae singer; Oct. 25
JAMES PHELPS, gospel singer; Oct. 27
JAMES WALL, actor/CBS stage manager; Oct. 27
MAURICE LUCAS, NBA star; Oct. 31

SHANNON TAVAREZ, 11-year-old actress; Nov. 1
SHIRLEY VERRETT, acclaimed mezzo-soprano; Nov. 5
QUINTIN DAILEY, basketball player; Nov. 8
ERNEST “ERNIE” SMITH; LA NAACP board member; Nov.18
MARGARET BURROUGHS, founder, Chicago’s DuSable Black History/Art Museum; Nov. 21

CHANE’T JOHNSON, actress; Dec. 2
JAMES MOODY, jazz icon, saxophonist; Dec. 9
REV. HENRY COVINGTON, Detroit homeless advocate; Dec. 21
BERNIE WILSON, “Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes” singer; Dec. 26
TEENA MARIE, “Ivory Queen of Soul;” Dec. 26


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Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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One Response to Gone and We Must Remember, Notable African Americans Who Died in 2010

  1. Licia says:

    Thank you for this, Mildred. There are so many people listed here I did not even know. — Licia (Hateya).

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