The Day After

Dedicated to my sisters at Reflections/Oasis.

World AIDS Day was yesterday.

What are you prepared to do about it today?

from Kellee Terrell’s “A Cheat Sheet for Talking About Safe Sex”

Mock Convo #1

You: So in your past relationships, how often did you use condoms?

Wait for his or her response.

Then your answer should be:

You: Well, in my past relationships, I always use condoms; I am pretty adamant about that. It’s about safety.

“This approach helps set your expectations from the jump so this person understands how you roll. When it comes down to intimacy, then, there shouldn’t be any issues,” says Ross, who also notes, “Always bring your own condoms so that you can be prepared.”

Mock Convo #2

You: I have been feeling really funny, and I want to talk to you about it. Something just doesn’t feel right about our relationship. I am having serious doubts that we are in a monogamous relationship. Until we can work out these trust issues, I would feel more comfortable if we started using condoms, because I am feeling that my health is at risk. Are we in a monogamous relationship? Because I really need to know.

Mock Convo #3

You: Well, if we love each other so much, we should want to protect each other. Look, both of us have had previous relationships, and this is about our safety — that is what love is about.

Mock Convo #4

You: I completely understand if no one else made you use condoms, but I thought I was special. This is what I need in order to be in this relationship.

h/t The Root


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