The Very Best Things

I serve on a ministry team that serves a group of mostly black and some Latina women with HIV/AIDS at a clinic in greater Los Angeles.

The coolest thing happened yesterday.  There was a mix up about the meeting date.  No other facilitator was able to attend so I stepped in.  (My attendance has been spotty because I’ve been teaching on Wednesday afternoons for the longest.)

In any event, I whipped up some food (chicken was underdone and had to be zapped.  Everyone lived!) and hustled over there a bit late to find the meeting in full effect with check ins, in progress.  The women have taken ownership of our group.  They’re helping each other. 

I share this from one of the ladies:

God is so good.Today i help x move some of her stuff to her new appartment. I was so excited about her new begining with the lord and having her own place as a new christian clean and sober. I prayed and she prayed God gave use the strength to carry those item down the steps of her old life and up the step to her new life. I thank God for that van everyday  it has been used for his purpose in helping me, my son and others. We was able to get all the items in the van on one trip. Praise God from all blessing flow. we finished in 1 hour our legs did not give out on us and we did not faint.After we got everything in the house we praised God sat outside of her apptment and said thank U Jesus we did it. Im not sharing this with u because we needed help. Im  sharing this  with u because i want u to now that the work you have investing in serving God has rubed off on us  as He show us how to help our sisters in need being their for each other in the time of need u caint always be the for us, but we can help each other as sister in Christ. We are listening to the word that is being taught . This is appart of Healing for Damaged Emotions. I could see it in Myself and the other Ladies the changes we are making for our self.
Just wanted to share this with u to confirm that we her u and we living it.
It’s okay.  I cried too.

The Clark Sisters had it right.  Our living, praying, fasting, teaching, and ministry are not in vain.


About liftingasweclimb

Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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2 Responses to The Very Best Things

  1. Michael says:

    You cannot rely totally on the findings of the CDC. There is a lot of propaganda when discussing HIV is more prevalent in the black community. Many in the white community test privately at home and many have this disease. And of coarse anyone that is sexually active should be responsible and use protection. Responsibility lies in informing are young people and showing sexual responsibility in all races.

    • liftingasweclimb says:

      Thanks for writing in.

      I see what you mean and agree. Skepticism is warranted. But at the same time, I’ve lost interest in the accuracy of statistics. Even if African American are overrepresented, and whites underrepresented in the statistics, there are too many hurting people in the black community with respect to STIs/STDs and HIV/AIDS. I want to figure how to get people to be responsible and use protection so they can live.

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