Twilight, Or Why Movies for Women Will Still Hit Roadblocks

It’s crazy to hear the shock that women have gone to see Twilight in droves.   Turns out that women and girls have money too.

This is why it’s too early to celebrate.

When movies like Sex in the City are successful, I’ve noticed something.   The terms of the game change.  So instead of saying, we’ve identified a new market.  Let’s make more programming for women over 25 and rake in the dollars, folks say what a fluke.  Let ‘s make sure that never happens again.    The juggernaut of Hannah/Miley and High School Musical should leave no doubt about the power of the female moviegoer.  It’s just that

drum roll

The studios don’t respect or appreciate those fans.  On a certain level, they don’t want that audience. 

For a point of comparison, look at Abercrombie and Fitch’s response to the brand’s sudden popularity among urban – wait a minute, this is my blog.  No need for euphemisms – black and Latino customers.  Or the WB, UPN and CW building their base on urban audiences then abandoning those audiences – even when it didn’t make financial sense.

Studios, even those with women running them are willing to let the dollars of women and girls – however badly needed – go.  They want to go on doing what they’ve been doing.  And they plan on doing it as long as they can. 

Changing the faces at the top, increasing the number of women filmmakers, executives and power brokers might help but tain’t necessarily so.  Tupac had it right.  We have to change the way we think and feel.

Help Wanted:  Visionary, courageous media makers with a viable business plan to reach underserved audiences.


About liftingasweclimb

Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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