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Dear Reader,

I posted this for me.  I need it and am going to study it closely and learn it well.


21st Century Plantation Negro: There Is a Slave Master Hiding Inside Your Head and He Must Be Destroyed

Posted on August 18, 2009 by Ed


You are not a free person until you begin to think and act like a free person. With that said, many of you brothas and sistas are not free because you have a plantation mentality with a slave master hiding inside your head, keeping you in check. You act scary and obedient towards a system of White Privilege that is working against your interest; you try to assimilate and fit in looking for acceptance and validation and most of all, you hate yourself and deep inside you are depressed and unfulfilled. It is the last part, you being depressed and unfulfilled is why I’m here today to help you locate that slave master hiding inside your head and we both going to kill him so you can set yourself free and be happy.

Look at yourself, homey when you show up to the corporate job. Look at how you act all different when you not around other brothas and sistas at that downtown or suburban job you working. You don’t want to talk about what’s going on in your community or in your world around Whites because you think they will disown you for being too “cultural” around them. You walk with your White co-workers to lunch and when you see a brotha like me, you want to pretend you don’t see another Black person because you don’t want your White co-workers to think you actually associate with other Black people. And when they serve fried chicken at the corporate picnic, you trying to eat it with a knife and fork so you can appear to have proper manners and ish. Instead of acting like who you are and being who you are, you trying to be polite and non-offensive to Whites around you and that’s the slave master inside your head telling you what to do.

Why do you act this way? You act this way because you have a conditioned fear of reprisal if you choose to step out of your boundary that was defined by White Privilege. You probably watched too much “Rosewood” or “Mississippi Burning” and be thinking that what’s going to happen to you if you piss off the White Privilege system. You probably had a coward elder family member told you how to act around White people in a subservient manner, but you can’t blame them because someone told them to act the same way when they were younger. You also act this way because you simply have low self-esteem about yourself. You watch TV or listen to the radio and you hear a bombardment of negative news concerning Black people killing and stealing from each other and you listen to trifling radio programs and songs that demean and devalue your existence to just getting your freak on and having bling to show and tell. In addition, you act this way because you have no self-identity and no sense of your culture. Your African Diaspora culture and history been reduced to “first Black to do something a White person has already done” bougie nonsense. The fear of reprisal, negative media programming and no sense of self-identity were all programmed into your mind by that slave master that is hiding inside your head.

Look brothas and sistas, I love you more than you hate yourself so that’s why I’m here explaining what’s going on and let you know we got to straight kill that slave master that’s up in your head. I’m really sick and tired of you working some lousy ass job with a racist middle manager and you come home unhappy and ish. I’m tired of you believing you can’t accomplish anything because you believe the system of White Privilege won’t let you get far. And most of all, I’m straight tired of your ass being broke all the time even though they got you working all those hours. Do you want your kids to grow up with that slave master in their head, keeping them in check ? When it is going to stop? If you ask me, it need to stop right now and that’s how it’s about to go down.

So let’s explain how we going to destroy this slave master that is hiding in your head. The first thing you need to do is realize you got this one life that is a gift to you from God. And you need to take ownership of your life, do you and don’t apologize or explain yourself to anybody in this world. The second thing you need to do is make sure anybody and I mean any motherf*cking body even dare give you the notion you have to explain yourself or prove yourself to them, you get real explicit with their ass. You make everybody else in the world know you ain’t the one to be f*cked with and you will give them a money back guarantee their life will never be the same again if they choose to f*ck with you. You believe in yourself and you don’t take sh*t from no one because your life is a gift from God.

Next, you put in work to empower yourself to enforce who you are to everybody out there. You focus on having knowledge and skills you can leverage to build up capital – that means get an education. You learn how to use weaponry and Art of War tactics to maneuver against your enemies and become an expert at that. You also get a crew or join a crew that will have your back when you need them. Most important, you learn to have no compassion, spare no quarter and have no mercy going at your enemies to make an example out of them to show everybody that you will defend your gift from God which is your life and your identity.

And last, you start doing what the f*ck you want to do and start saying ish exactly how the f*ck you feel about it. You see someone trying to play you for a fool, you straight tell them upfront what’s up and you don’t play that nonsense. You see something going on in this world that ain’t right and cats trying to get away with it, you bust them out on it. You stand up and be a hero for yourself, defending what you believe in and even better, enforcing what you believe in. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. You make sure if someone got a problem with it, they going to have a problem with it. You don’t hold your tongue, you don’t deny how you feel and you be honest about everything around you.

Trust me, when you learn to treat your life as a one-time gift, when you learn how to cultivate yourself with education and the Art of War and learn to speak your mind and express how you feel, that is when you will become a free person. And that slave master hiding inside your head will have been ran away like a punk beotch who only was around because he thought you was weak. So real talk, stop being about that sellout, subservient sh*t because the biggest weapon a brotha or sista can use to prevail over a system of White Privilege is a free-thinking mind.


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Mildred Lewis writes and directs for theater, television, film and the web. She's also a full time professor, Christian, activist and troublemaker with a passion to save as much of the world as she can.
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