Blogging for $$


Time to make some money from this blogging thing?


It’s not that easy. Most blogs wither and die after a time. Persevering no es facil. People have a habit of showering bloggers with swag. But swag won’t pay the bills. And let’s not even get started on Google ads. I love Google products too but their ad platform is the biggest legal scam of the century. The only one getting rich off it is … Google.

If you want to make some money for yourself, consider putting out a tin cup. I.e., reimagine yourself as a mini-PBS or NPR. If you’d like to cross over into publishing a book, here’s some great info from More magazine on what it takes to monetize your blog:

Running the numbers

 • $0 Cost of starting your own blog at with one of its 135 free designs

 • $17 Annual cost of setting up a siteusing a domain name (such at

 • $100 Cost of a USB microphone (forexample, a Snowball) to record podcasts for a website

 • $150 Cost of a portable HD videocamera (for example, a Kodak Zi6)to create videos for a blog

 • 10,000 Approximate number of followers a blogger needs in order to capture the attention of a mainstream book-publishing house

 • $300–$500 Cost per day of hiring a professional video editor

Go forth and make things happen.

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The Leonardo DiKanye Connection

Post by Aaron Ellis:

The Leonardo DiKanye Connection

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Power, The Writer’s Edition


I’ve discovered that one of the great hidden things of life is that most people seek – really need – to have power over something or somebody. Continue reading

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Attorney General Eric Holder and Governor Bobby Jindal


While witty, Attorney General’s correction of Louisiana Governor Jindal’s misstatement is sadly, a blow for absolutely nothing. Continue reading

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10 Questions I Want To Ask Condoleeza Rice

Political scientist, diplomat, academic, and accomplished cellist Dr. Condoleezza Rice is an amazing woman who has been a powerful force in foreign policy and academia for decades. I’ve admired her rise to National Security Advisor then Secretary of State.  I respect her pragmatism, but disagree with many of her political views. So I thought I would share the ten questions I’d ask her. Continue reading

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I worry for Lupita.  Continue reading

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Why do older movies from the 1930s to 1940s like The 39 Steps and The Maltese Falcon tend to be around 1.5 hours, and modern-day films li…

Answer by Mildred Lewis:

As cinema ages as an art form, it is facing formidable challenges from video games and television, particularly quality television, e.g., Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Wire.

How do movies compete? By offering an experience that is distinct from what can be seen in a home theater or on a tablet. Hence, there are enormous artistic and commercial pressures pushing movies toward spectacle and greater visual and narrative scale. These pressures tend to favor longer films.

Competing with quality television might also push movies toward greater length. Quality television has basically replaced many indie and women oriented films. Consider that you are much more likely to see engaging, powerful roles for women, especially women over 30, on television than on film. This is a long standing trend, cf. Gena Rowlands' career. One of the pleasures of television is that it gives audiences the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with characters. To compete, films may be trying to offer a comparably immersive experience.

I also have a suspicion that the increasing reliance on international markets has something to do with this as well.

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